On Thursday night, Keith and I did something we never do.  We went clothes shopping.  And bought things that weren't especially good deals.  Or even on sale.  {gasp!}
But we decided that just this once, it would be fun to go pick out an outfit for each of the babies for their grand arrival in the US and their introduction to our family and friends.
Polo - Children's Place; Jeans, sweater, and shoes - all Target; Tutu skirt - a hand-me-down from our nieces (originally from Old Navy, I think.)  Flower pins - made by me.

I'm hoping that the clothes don't swallow them whole.  Judging by medical reports, they are tiny.  At around 4 months, they were both about 8 pounds.  Tiny.  We plan to pudge them up as soon as we get our hands on them!

I've also spent a little time working on accessories for Gus and Lula.  Flower pins for Lula......
.....and bowties for Gus :)
I realize not everyone is as excited as I am about tiny baby accessories, but if you are, feel free to read more after the jump.

{P.S. If anyone has any tips for packing for two infants (and two adults) for a 6-10 week trip to a developing country and 20 hour plane flight home, please let me know!  I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed -but still very excited- by this task!  20 more days!}

For the flower pins, I used this tutorial and this one.  On the backs, I hot glued both a pin and a hair clip, so they can {hopefully} be worn on a shirt, on a hair band, or as a hair clip.  
For the hair bands, I just looped the ends of a ribbon over a tiny baby ponytail and hot glued in place.  Easy.  

The bowties are so easy.  I did something similar to this, but only used hot glue (no sewing), and used a clip-on earring back instead. 

Hope y'all had a great weekend!
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