17 days and 19 hours until we leave for Ethiopia.....

.......and our kitchen looks like this:
What are we thinking?!?  Well, apparently we're thinking:
*that it's easier to remove drywall than to remove tiles adhered directly to drywall.
*that our builder should be shot for adhering tiles directly to said drywall.
*that clearly we don't have enough going on with packing & preparing for our trip. {Thank you so much for all of the wonderful tips for packing and traveling with babies - we very much appreciate them!!!}
*that we're glad we did all of the demo work before we got half a dozen shots each yesterday at the travel clinic and are unable to lift our arms today.
*that it's important for us to have our new backsplash in before we bring Gus and Lula home.  Because babies care about things like subway tile.  {I think this is called nesting.}
*that our backsplash will {hopefully} look something like this:

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