Things are looking up {a very loosely connected stream of thoughts}

After finding out last week that Keith's grandma passed away somewhat unexpectedly, and after a 4 day car trip to visit family and pay our respects (during which we logged over 30 hours in the car), we're finally home and getting back into the swing of things.  We will miss Grandma S., but are thankful that she lived a good, long life and that she went peacefully.  {And we're thankful to be out of the car and back in our own bed!}  

On a much happier note, we're riding high because we finally received updated photos and medical information on our babies!  They look healthy (they even have a little pudge on them) and seem to be doing great developmentally.  They are very small for their age, but that's normal for Ethiopian kiddos.  I can't get over how stinkin' gorgeous they are.  Prettiest babies I have ever seen - I can't wait until I can share their photos with you!

And since things are looking up, I thought I'd talk about ceilings.  (I'm just so clever!)  It seems that I forgot to mention when I posted about our pink room that we painted the ceiling a light pink.  It's not very noticeable in the photos, but in person it adds a little interest (and a touch of pink!) to the "fifth wall".
You can almost tell that there's some contrast against the white pouf ball -- see?  

I've been thinking about ceilings a bit lately (with an eye to dressing up my living room ceiling) and have come across several different ideas that I'm digging.  I thought a mini-series of posts might be in order, so here's the first, all about painted ceilings:

Light blue seems to be a classic choice, whether it's similar to the wall color......

or provides a little contrast: 

Of course, you could always go bold: 

Or dark.  I love how the bright blue door and stark white chandelier pop against the black: 

Use a coordinating shade to compliment the room decor:   

Or go glossy for a bit of glam: 
 See the reflection on the high-gloss ceiling? 

It's amazing how often ceilings are neglected, and how much oompf it adds to a room when they get a little attention.  What are your thoughts?  Are you a fan of painted ceilings -- dark, light, or otherwise???

Next up: patterned ceilings.    
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