Sunday Morning

Adopting from a developing country has definitely changed my perceptions of wealth and poverty.  Especially now that we've seen our babies' faces.  Now when Keith and I go out to dinner at a restaurant with he-man sized portions, I look at my plate and wonder if our babies have had enough to eat that day.  We are so very blessed.  And we take our wealth for granted so much of the time.
God must be trying to show us something, because as we drove to a "special" date night in Atlanta last night, we listened to a sermon by Mark Driscoll.  One we chose at "random".  One that was about wealth and how we can either use it to worship God, or instead worship it.  
I pray that you will take the time to listen to this message** today, and that you will be challenged by it like we were.  Have a blessed Sunday!
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**You can skip ahead to minute 7 to bypass the church announcements and cut straight to the sermon. 


emily said... Best Blogger Tips

Couple of things:
1. I just found your blog and it is wonderful. Definitely a new favorite. I love the way it looks, your wonderful projects, your gorgeous home, your heart for motherhood and your sweet babies and your love for the Lord.
2. We have been thinking about switching to Mars Hill so that we can get Mark Driscoll's teaching ... kind of crazy to see his name on your blog this morning. I'll listen to that sermon when my babes are napping today.
3. I have that same Farrow & Ball wallpaper sample framed and have been wanting to wallpaper my entry in it for years. It is so darn spendy! So I am super inspired to follow your lead and see if I can paint something similar. Your dining room is amazing.

okay, enough with this book. All to say, so glad I found you and can't wait to get to know you!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

So amazing...our Sunday School class discussed wealth and riches and what happens when we idolize it. Thanks for sharing! I love your blog and am so excited for your two little sweethearts!

Erica @ Erica's Inspirations said... Best Blogger Tips

I haven't had a chance to listen to the sermon yet, but I know how you feel about seeing how much we have and knowing how little others have. We went to Nicaragua last summer and came back overwhelmed by all that we have. Never again do we say "There's nothing to eat" when looking in our pantry....we have PLENTY to eat...it just might not be what we are craving.

I hope you get called to Ethiopia soon to meet your babies! I cannot wait until you can show us their picture!!

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