kitchen progress and plans

We finished phase one of our kitchen redesign.  The cabinets are painted!  And while I'm happy with the lighter, brighter color, we still have quite a ways to go.

Here's the (hopefully not-too-distant future) plan:

What's staying as-is:
*the cabinets (obviously)
*the window treatments
*the flooring
*the original brushed-nickel hardware and stainless appliances
*possibly the wall color.

What's changing:
*the backsplash.  Hello, white subway tile!
*the counters.  We're keeping the granite, but have plans to (*hopefully*) soften the color a little.
*the lighting.  The chandelier I purchased for the nursery when we thought we were getting two boys will be   
  painted a gray-blue and will hang over the table.  I have two matching vintage metal fixtures that will be 
  painted the same color for over the desk and island.
*the rug.  Waaaay too small and grannyish.  Needs to go.  I like the idea of the one from Ballard above.
*the table, chairs and barstools.  Hopefully I can find some nice walnut-toned pieces on craigslist to replace   
  them and tie in our dark wood desk and buffet.

What I wish I could replace, but will learn to be thankful for instead (because we are very blessed!):
*the cabinets.  Why, oh why, oh why do builders think that the staggered height & depth look is a good
  thing?  Simple is almost always better!

Hopefully things will start to shape up soon, and my kitchen will be looking like this in no time:

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