Christmas for Gus and Lula

As much as I hate that we weren't together as a family on their first Christmas, I love that our families showered sweet Gus and Lula with gifts love this year.  In addition to gifting a few old-fashioned wooden toys (my favorite kind!), my parents (Ok, my mom) made Lula and my two nieces matching dresses, and Gus a coordinating bowtie.  I can't wait for the photo op!
Did I mention that I'm super excited to have a little boy so I can dress him in bowties?  Can't wait!
My sister bought us The Jesus Storybook Bible to read to our kiddos later on.  Keith and I have both been reading through it on our own and we love it.  It's amaaaaazing.  Hands down, best children's Bible I've ever read.  It weaves the gospel through each story in a way that children can easily understand.  And the illustrations are gorgeous.  

And Keith's family gifted us donations to be sent to the new foster home our agency is establishing in Addis Ababa to care for children from more remote orphanages between court and travel.  Very thoughtful and much appreciated :)

And since we're talking Christmas presents, and since I just happen to have a photo, I thought I'd show off one of mine:
Not sure what the look on my face is.  Concern for the blurriness of the photo, perhaps?
My incredibly talented sister made this bag for me.  From scratch.  Isn't she amazing?  Thanks Brooke!
Oh, and the awesome boots I blogged about earlier showed up under our tree, too - thanks, Keith!   
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Sara said... Best Blogger Tips

We love the Jesus Storybook Bible at our house too! Such thoughtful and wonderful presents! Since you'll have a boy I wanted to invite you over to The M.O.B. Society (Mothers of Boys)! It will be a great encouragement as you tread uncharted waters (a.k.a.= the life of a boy and mothering one). http://www.themobsociety.com

Oh, and there is a girl version too...The MOD Squad. I just write for the boys monthly so I'm somewhat biased :)

Stephenie from Decorating Addiction said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't have the Jesus Storybook Bible, but I'm going to go get it for our baby, who is due in three months! Thanks for the tip. Those boots rock! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! When will the babies arrive?

Britt said... Best Blogger Tips

Sara - thanks! I'll check them out!
Stephenie - Congrats on your little one! We're not sure when the babies will come home. Right now we're waiting on a court date (which we'll travel to Ethiopia for) and after that it may be up to two months until they come home.

kelly said... Best Blogger Tips

we have that bible for our little boy! it is beautiful. it's brought me to tears more than once!

congrats again on Gus and Lula! i can't wait to 'meet' them.

Alicia said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations!!!! I am very excited for you and love following your journey.

elise said... Best Blogger Tips

We love the Jesus Storybook Bible!
there is an audio version as well and it keeps our children (almost 4 and 20 months) spellbound (and quiet!) in the car forever :O)
so excited for you guys!!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I just stumbled onto your blog. It is so cute. We are a foster-adopt family so I love reading about other people's adoption journey.

I'm wondering if your sister sells the bags she made for you; I'm looking for something similar.

Britt said... Best Blogger Tips

elise - I didn't know there was an audio version! I'll have to look into that for car trips :)

K- She doesn't have any listed in her stores right now, but you can email her to see if she will make one for you at sweetmintstudios@gmail.com. I think she's already taken a couple orders since I posted this.

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad to have found your blog.

We have that Storybook Bible and I LOVE it.

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