With election day behind us and everyone in the voting mood, I have decided to post a poll of my own.
See, there's an ongoing debate in our house about the kitchen cabinets.  I have always dreamed of painted cabinetry, but Keith just can't see painting (and ruining, he claims) two year-old cabinets.  Being the submissive wife that I am trying to be, I've left it up to him.  I did add painted cabinets to my otherwise almost bare Christmas list, though.  And I'd love to show him that I'm not the only one who thinks it would look SO much better.  So here's where I need you:

1. Check out the two photos below: 
The first is our kitchen as it is now, and the second is a mediocre Photoshop rendering of what our kitchen might look like with painted cabinets.  Barstools can be painted also! 

2. Keep in mind the rest of our decor, particularly in the rooms that adjoin the kitchen: the living room and dining room.
Notice how dark the kitchen looks in the background of the living room shot.  It's a veritable cave!  

3. Now, using my 100% impartial poll, vote!  :) 

How do you like our kitchen cabinets?

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Janell @ Isabella and Max said... Best Blogger Tips

Well of course I had to vote "PAINT"! Love the look, and your sofa and piano...very lovely! Janell

Shunta said... Best Blogger Tips

Paint! Picture #2!!

angie said... Best Blogger Tips

i love natural wood...but the white goes better with your decor, for sure!

Tanya said... Best Blogger Tips

The white probably goes better with your existing decor, but from a practical standpoint, I'm not a fan of my own white cabinets. Maybe if your future kids and hubby aren't as messy as mine...

Melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

what about a compromise? Paint SOME of the cabinets. This is BIG right now in our area in all the designer homes, and it looks great! PLUS, if you decide to go All white, you're that much closer!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Picture 2, submissive!!I hope your kidding

Caitlin Campbell said... Best Blogger Tips

I have to say that I think painting them white would be not enough contrast from the backsplash, countertop and wall color. What if you painted and distressed them a steel gray instead of white? Something like this but maybe a little lighter...


I usually would agree that painting would be so pretty but I have to agree with your husband that based on those two photos, I prefer the existing wood.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I think you have so much white throughout the rest of your decor, that it will be too much to go to white cabinets. White is lovely, but too much can make the place look to "sterile". I would leave the cabinets as they are to simply add more color and warmth to your space.

Cynthia said... Best Blogger Tips

I am too distracted by that fantastic couch. Would you mind telling me where is is from?

Mrs. DeVore said... Best Blogger Tips

definitly light and bright! It would flow nicely with the rest of your house.

Andrea said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE white cabinets. Love. The only thing that I'm not sure about is how the white would make your countertops look. They blend in really well with your existing cabinets... but in the painted picture they seem to kind of stick out like a sore thumb. I could be totally off base... but just something to think about.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips


Here is the couch post:



I am with Keith on this one. I understand your point of view, but it may be too much white.

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said... Best Blogger Tips

OK I posted on todays blog & had to come back to see what was going on. Absolutely paint those babies. If you need more warmth to tie them to the counters/backsplash you could do a glaze over them. I think you'd know if you needed to or not immediately after they were painted. Oh and I have 2 kids - a 3 & 4 year old and trust me they are messy & my son is just wild all of the time. My white glazed cabinets have been just fine with kids. You have to wipe them off sometimes, but you'd do the same with wood - plus you can at least see the grime on white where with wood you wouldn't always see their messy prints.

Oh and your white island base looks great with the granite - look at it - go for it!

Allison said... Best Blogger Tips

I am currently trying to convince my mother that she should (let me!!) paint her kitchen cabinets white. They are currently a very dark wood, and the whole kitchen is dark as a result (there are other issues too, like royal blue counter tops..)
I really want to redo her kitchen as a christmas present, so I'm collecting pictures like yours to convince her!

Joanna said... Best Blogger Tips

I vote paint, but I'd change the underside of your island to a bead-board or something and paint that a contrasting color!

Brooke@SweetMintStudios said... Best Blogger Tips

I think your "mediocre" photoshop rendering is throwing people off. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE painted cabinets (especially white) but the color in that rendering isn't very appealing. It made me wonder about the white cabinets next to the yellow-toned countertops and tiles BUT, as Annie pointed out above, look at the countertop next to the white that's on the back side of the bar. Looks good. And, everything you touch turns to gold. All of your decor is GORGEOUS! So, I'd say, trust your instincts and GO FOR IT!!! ... sorry Keith!

Empty Nest Full Life said... Best Blogger Tips

The existing wood is beautiful, especially in comparison to my cabinets. Will you be painting them yourself? If so, be ready for a pretty big task. We started priming in the laundry room, and using oil base primer is not a lot of fun. Is there any way to lighten the room another way. My cabinets are 25 years old, very dated and significantly more horrible than yours. If you are hiring it done, maybe another story, but my husband would be with yours. Jackie

Meg said... Best Blogger Tips

Can you please email me and let me know where you got that birdie pillow on your sofa!? Thanks!

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