Thanksgiving travel = Craigslist hopping

It's Thanksgiving week - can you believe it?!?  And while Thanksgiving for most people does include travel, I'm not sure that everyone out there is aware of one of the major perks of trekking across the country to see loved ones (other than seeing loved ones, that is).  I am referring to craigslist hopping, of course: the rare opportunity to stalk another city's craigslist and potentially bring home the goods (instead of just wishing you were able to snag that awesome vintage sideboard from, say, Milwaukee).

So I thought I'd get y'all started by showcasing some great finds from a few cities peppered around the country, in case any of you happen to be in the vicinity this week.  I'll start with my home-craigslist, Atlanta.

Here are my picks:



I'll be back soon with more finds from another city - maybe the one you're traveling to this week! 
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April said... Best Blogger Tips

The price on that faux bamboo dresser almost warrants the gas money from Columbia to Atlanta! :) Thanks for sharing, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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