What I've been up to

I'm coming up for air momentarily to fill y'all in on what's been keeping me from being a better blogger lately:
1. Helping Keith install our sconces!  Woo hoo!  I bought these well over a year ago at Ballard Outlet for $3 each and just had't gotten around to knocking holes in the wall.  Notice the ribbon sticking out of the vase.  I'm trying to decide how to dress up the shades a little....

 2. Installing our last two shelves!  Notice that I haven't stained them quite yet.  I have a pretty big request on my Christmas list that might change my plans for these a little.  (Hint, hint, Keith!) 

3. Working on a bit of a guest bedroom #2 makeover.  It's not quite ready for its close-up yet.

4. Spending some time with these sweeties.  Their momma (my sister) was a little under the weather this past week, so Keith and I got some practice! 

 5. I've been working to flush out my etsy shop & fill a few orders. 

6. And of course, friends, family, church......I've honestly been so busy lately that I almost haven't had time to think about how much I really, really want a referral.  Almost.   

Some other things I haven't made time for: 
1. Fall decorations.  This is as far as I've gotten.  Sad, sad.  I'm planning on painting the orange guys with cream floral spray paint like last year. 
2. Nursery art.  Haven't gotten very far yet!  (FYI, I am planning on painting all the frames.) 

3. Cleaning!  I desperately need to take a day to clean my house.  What a wreck! 

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Rachel and Jeremy said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm curious to know, where did you find that large baby pin in your last picture? I would love to have one of these, but haven't had any luck finding any.

Joanna said... Best Blogger Tips

I love all of your projects! And that baby pin is truly fantastic. What an awesome piece to add to the nursery. For cleaning, you might want to set aside a day (or hour, and do it when you can) for each room, and don't stop until that room is done! Then move onto the next. It helps to be a little less overwhelming, and gives you real results. I'm doing that now! Check out my blog! www.creatingbetterhabits.com

Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the sconces--and would love details and how on earth you put them up. I need them in my cave of a den!

Victoria said... Best Blogger Tips

Your house always looks so pretty and calm in the pictures!

Love that huge safety pin! What a fabulous find.

Lorine Kalista Noor said... Best Blogger Tips

your house just pretty simple and casual. all white. love it <3
wanna exchange link? or follow each other?
xo, Lorine

Brooke@SweetMintStudios said... Best Blogger Tips

I am SO curious... what is on your Christmas wish list that will make a difference in what you do with the shelves over your kitchen desk??? By the way... those two little girls are absolutely ADORABLE! ;)

sttaylor said... Best Blogger Tips

Long time blog stalker here -- is that a framed tv above your mantle? Did you do that? Did you do a tutorial that I missed? Love it!

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