.......aaaaand After

Back in August I found this set on craigslist for $85.  For the whole thing.  Keith wasn't sure about buying a new set before we sold our old one, but come on - it was $85!  (I quickly sold our table & chairs for more than 3x that.  I'm just sayin'.) 

Anyway, it was a little rough around the edges....and GREEN.  I thought we had escaped the awfulness of '90's hunter green when we moved from our last house, but alas, here it was again.  All the more motivation for me to paint, I guess.  

I attacked the table with Antique White semi-gloss (our trim color & the color of the pattern on the walls), then top-coated it with polycrylic.  (Like polyurethane, but water-based and less likely to yellow.)  

I decided to paint the chairs a color for a little contrast.  We went with the wall color, "Granite Dust" by Valspar, but for some reason there's not nearly the contrast between the chairs and table as there is between the same two colors on the walls.  I may eventually repaint them......

The fabric is Premier Prints "Barber" in Powder Blue.    
Because of the new table and chairs, I ended up moving our dark wood buffet into the kitchen, so I'm now on the lookout for a side table or buffet (either in a light color or in paintable condition) to replace it.  I also have plans to paint the frame of the mirror, but I haven't quite decided what color yet..... 

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Tanya said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like $85 very well spent!

In the Tweeds said... Best Blogger Tips

This turned out AMAZINGLY WELL!!!! Go you!! That table has such a great shape!!

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said... Best Blogger Tips

And - you had none of the guilt of painting wood - it was already painted! (You just MAJOR-LY updated it!)

Mom in High Heels said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, it's beautiful! I can see the contrast between the colors really well in the photos. I love that you used your wall colors. $85? You got a DEAL!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said... Best Blogger Tips

It looks awesome! I think the contrast is just enough. What a great deal, and a great look!

Rebekah said... Best Blogger Tips

Another stunning transformation, Britt! I think the contrast between the chair and table colors is just right.

chair up said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE IT! The whole room looks elegant and very charming. Well done :o)

LAURA!!! said... Best Blogger Tips

ooo loveloveLOVE!

Gloria Fox said... Best Blogger Tips

I love it!! I found a very similar table at a yard sale a few weeks ago for $40 with 5 chairs. Needless to say, I grabbed it right up. I've been debating on what it would look like painted, and I open blogger this morning, and there it is! Thank you! I L.O.V.E. your dining room and am still in awe of your hand painted "wallpaper".

Suzanna said... Best Blogger Tips

Soo pretty!

lovepalmy said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the walls ... amazing color!

Melissa at HOUSEography.net said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks great! Love the "wallpaper" too. Maybe you need to paint the chairs a dark color to ground the space a bit - especially if you decide to get a light rug. Looks good anyway!

Sandy said... Best Blogger Tips

Everything is lovely. You certainly inspire me. I have a question about the covered table on the landing. Looks fabulous by the way. Does the cat eat under there and if so what about cat hair on the tablecloth?

andrew said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW! really lovely! and i think the subtle contrast of the chairs and table is really, really nice. love it!

Real Housewife in MN said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks amazing! I love the wallpaper and chandelier. Beautiful!

Jocey said... Best Blogger Tips

Absolutely beautiful.I want to paint my dining room table and hutch so I was wondering if you could tell me your process. I see green and wood so did you strip the paint off and scuff it up to hold the paint? Did you prime the table? What brand of paint? Thanks so much

Liv said... Best Blogger Tips

Your home is just lovely. I found your blog today and I definitely look forward to reading more.

Bill, Misty, Will, and Laura Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

The entire room is GORGEOUS!!!! Great job Britt!

Britt said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the kind words!
Sandy - pet hair is everywhere in our house. I've learned to just suck it up and live with it (and I got a really great vacuum recently!). That said, all three of my pets are mostly black, and the fabric on the table is black, so it helps at least :)

Jocey, I don't really have a method per se. I just scuffed everything a little with fine grain sand paper and painted. No primer. I did add polycrylic on the top, though. Oh, and I used one of those small foam rollers for as much of it as I could to get a smooth finish. Hope that helps!

Ashley @ A {Blonde's} DIY Life said... Best Blogger Tips

That is gorgeous!!!

SHERRY HART said... Best Blogger Tips


modern jane said... Best Blogger Tips

A new visitor to your blog. You dining room is stunning and the table turned out awesome! I'm off to read some more and be inspired:)

Meg and Mum's said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your blog and adore your dining room! What you've done is very inspiring. I have just got myself a bargain on ebay: a Queen Anne extendable table with 8 chairs - all for $66! Thanks to your blog I have now have some good ideas. Can't wait to see more of what you've got.
Megan x

bonniek said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Britt, Just found your site and you've got some fantastic decor skills. I was wondering where you found the convex mirror in the dining room? I've been on the hunt for an affordable one for ages! Cheers, Bonnie

Britt said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Bonnie,
I'm so glad you stopped by! I found the mirror at JC Penney outlet several years ago, so I don't know if you'd still be able to find one there. I just saw a post about convex mirrors and some sources here:

Hope that helps!

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