To answer your questions......

......about the sharpie art:

*I used about six markers, though none of them were new when I started.  (Who has six black sharpies lying around?  Me.  That's who!)  I think if you started with brand new sharpies, you might be able to get away with two.

*I lined up my design by drawing out six leaf shapes in the right position relative to each other on my transparency.  I started in the bottom middle of the wall with my first six leaves, and then moved the transparency around so that the two bottom leaves on the transparency were lined up with the two top leaves I had on the wall.  I traced the other four onto the wall and kept repeating this process over and over, measuring occasionally to make sure everything was staying lined up.

*I would definitely recommend a stencil if your design would work with one.  Check here for some non-1980's ones, or make one yourself.

*I didn't keep track of time, but I'd say it probably took about five hours.  (I worked on it whenever I had a spare moment over the course of a couple weeks.)

*And for Vanessa, who apparently is the most observant person ever :)  I do have two different faucets in my master bath right now.  It's a topic that is off-limits in my house, but I think it might be safe to explain here:

Our house came with nice brushed-nickel faucets when we moved in.

I was perfectly happy with them until:
I found two of these at a yard sale for $2.50 each.  I was stoked.  Quality antique-style faucets for that?!  Yes, please!  My husband, however, was not so stoked.  He thought he had escaped the drudgery of plumbing when we moved from our second seventy year-old house into a brand new one.  It took me about four months of hinting to get him to start on it.

Apparently the first faucet went in nicely.  The second.....well, it was a bear.  There was some near-cursing involved.  After about two months of Keith trying to patch things up, he finally threw his hands up and called it kaput.  He put the original faucet back on so we'd have two working sinks again, but then swore off plumbing for good.  Or at least for the next six months.  Six months with two mismatch faucets.

I'm still mourning the loss of one of my lovely faucets, and he still hasn't gotten over his battle wounds.  So for now at least, we're living with mismatched faucets and keeping the issue silent.  For now.

*Hope that answers all of your questions.  Thanks for asking!

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vanessa said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for clearing the faucets up, I couldn't sleep last night wondering. haha. Being observant is one of my best traits and worst one as well!

Adine said... Best Blogger Tips

So.... surely a bright gal like you can do it herself? Yes?

Britt said... Best Blogger Tips

Adine, sadly plumbing is not in my repertoire, and after seeing how much trouble my husband had with it, I think I will just have to wait it out. Thanks for the vote of confidence, though. :)

Katie Lewis said... Best Blogger Tips

Britt, I attempted this project but couldn't get my leaf to resembled the katie ridder wallpaper AT ALL (art is definitely not my thing!) so... I have a question for you: would you be interested in making another copy of your transparency and selling it to me so that I could complete the project at home? I know you're incredibly busy already selling your prints but I have a bare wall screaming for your idea and it never hurts to ask.
Thanks for your time... and writing your encouraging blog.

PS: Not that more than 50 people visit my blog a day but I'd most certainly give you and incredibly large shout out and hopefully send people your way!

Kali Das said... Best Blogger Tips

Are you guaranteed that is grey PEX, or could it be PBP tubes? For your shower area mind, both works although several like the stiffness of copper tube. About the drain, I believe you've STOMACH MUSCLES black drain lines, so in the event the brand-new drain won't match precisely, it is an uncomplicated fix in order to cut the item out and about as well as exchange, in case necessary.

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