Yard Sale Finds

Apothecary jars 

Pottery Barn retro phone -- $2

Boutique baby shoes new in the box (with the original $42 tag) -- $1
Can't wait to put these on our little girl (assuming we get a girl and a boy like we're asking for).

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yeoldesandwichshoppeva said... Best Blogger Tips

Apothecary jars are my favorite! They are so versatile!

TheSmithHotel said... Best Blogger Tips

Great finds! Love the jars! I have always loved baby shoes! Sweet!


Lovely Little Nest said... Best Blogger Tips

That retro phone is awesome! I can't believe the deals you found!

Wendy said... Best Blogger Tips

GREAT finds! That phone is awesome, can't beat that price! I have never found anything PB.

badboulderlady said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the phone! Here is AZ the estate sales are so attractive, haven't been to a yard sale for tooo long, your phone says give it another try.

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