My Dream Bathroom -OR- Please Don't Think I'm Crazy!

Nothing much to report from yard sales this weekend.  I did find a couple pieces of milk glass, but I think y'all must get tired to death of seeing photos of milk glass all. the. time.

So I thought I'd shake things up a little and instead share something I'm filing under "quirky/please don't think I'm crazy".

I have been known to have some crazy dreams.  One of my all-time most bizarre involved a tandem bike trip to Missouri with my husband with a "falling asleep while operating a non-motor vehicle" citation in Kentucky.  Anyway, normally my dreams are very off the wall and just make me laugh when I wake up and remember them.

This weekend I dreamed design.  (Am I the only one???)  I dreamed about a bathroom more specifically.  And I kinda liked it.  So when I woke up I felt the need to document it.
It's definitely not my normal style, but it's fun, right?  Here's the breakdown:

*Chiang Mai Dragon.  This showed up not as fabric, but as subway tiles hand-painted with the design on the 
  lower half of the walls.  It was a dream, remember? 
*Imperial Trellis paper on the upper half of the walls.  
*Antique pedestal sink.  (Can't remember the tub or other fixtures.  Darn.)
*Black and white tile in windmill pattern on floors.
*Black Venetian mirror.
*Schoolhouse fixture.
*White shower curtain with black details and monogram.  Maybe that's why I can't remember the tub?
*Light blue ceiling.  

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my subconscious.  I'm thrilled to death, actually, that I don't dream in mauve carpet and wallpaper borders!  Or gold linoleum and fake ivy, or blow-up furniture and velvet Elvis paintings, or.......

So what's the verdict?  Am I absolutely crazy?  Has anyone else designed a room in your dreams?  Did you like it?  What do you think of my subconscious rendering?  

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P.S. For lack of a better tag, I really did label this post quirky/please don't think I'm crazy!


Mrs. 5C said... Best Blogger Tips

I love love love it! How fun is your subconscious!?!

Sarah Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

I love it! It's so colorful and alive! A bathroom that looked like that would be AMAZING.

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

That is the good kind of crazy - I must have had that same vision (except for my bedroom) because I bought bedding in a similar trellis pattern but same colors (reversible with predominately green on the other side) and a custom made Chiang Mai dragon pillow. So OBVIOUSLY, I love it! And you have great taste! ;)

Paige (Final Clothes-Out) said... Best Blogger Tips

Anything trellis gets a thumbs-up from me!

Caitlin Campbell said... Best Blogger Tips

I love it! And yes, as an Interior Designer, I am dreaming in interiors all the time and I will envision this amazing room and then I wake up and realize that it wasn't real after all and I get a little disappointed. But I definitely feel that my dreams have helped me with my work at times :) Love your blog, I get many great ideas from you as well.

FlamencaKris said... Best Blogger Tips

I love these combinations!! What an inspiring dream. Thanks for sharing!

Tammy said... Best Blogger Tips

i dream design too! this one had a lot going on! lol i love the Chiang Mai Dragon fabric, where can I find this?

Victoria said... Best Blogger Tips

I have decorated in my dreams and shopped thrift stores too. :)

Love, love, love the chandy you made! Can't wait for the details.

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said... Best Blogger Tips

I once had a great dream where I was in the most unique modern home, complete with faux grass carpeting in a sunken living room. Soon after that I discovered that I actually loved mid-century modern, and saw that they used sunken living rooms back then. I wish I could draw, because I would have sketched the house I dreamt for future use. It was incredible. Why can't I have that happen when I'm awake? :)

Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this post : ) You have great design taste-even when subconscious! I have been thinking about bathrooms all week, but they haven't slipped into my dreams yet! I just documented my bathroom redecoration and am happy to be done finally! I have almost the same shower curtain but with no monogram. After seeing yours I really want to add a monogram eventually- thank you for the inspiration!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it too! I wish I was that bold...working on it. I mean, I am doing a blue and gray living area which is way out of my norm or burgundy cliche victorian.

PaperCourt said... Best Blogger Tips

We have that basketweave tile in our bathroom and the Chang Mai Dragon pillows in our living room. I like your taste!

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