Ikea finds

Yard sales were slow once again this week, so I was forced instead to go to Ikea.  Plus, I just got the new catalog in the mail and I was excited to check out some of their new items.  In lieu of yard sale finds, here are my best bargain picks from the new catalog:

Tripp - Set of three metal storage tins - $3.99

Incandescent-look halogen bulbs.  2 for $3.99  
Ikea, like many other retailers, is in the process of phasing out incandescent bulbs, so these are a great compromise between the looks of an incandescent bulb and the energy efficiency of a halogen.

Gunvor Fabric.  $6.99/yd.  Love the pattern.

Grundtal bathroom mirror.  $10.  Sleek.  Definitely looks more expensive than it is.

Lenda curtains.  2 panels for $14.99.  I picked up several sets.  More on these later.

Check out the (almost) complete list of new items here, or sign up to get a free copy of the new catalog here.  Be sure to flip to the one-day offers in the back -- there are some great deals!  

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Staci at Craftify It ! said... Best Blogger Tips

The curtains are a steal! I love those canisters too...might have to make the trek over to Ikea for some of those! Thanks for sharing:)

Melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

NICE deals. I must have one of those mirrors!

Mom in High Heels said... Best Blogger Tips

Man, I HATE when I'm "forced" to go to IKEA. Such a drag. :)

alanna rose said... Best Blogger Tips

We went to IKEA recently, always a fun trip (meatballs!). Love the fabric!

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