Crib Skirt Tutorial

When I started trying to figure out how to make my crib skirts, I knew I was looking for something that was easy to sew, removable, fairly simple & tailored looking, and floor-length.  There are tons tutorials out there, and I pieced together ideas from many of them.  Without further ado, here is my simple & quick, sometimes ghetto-fab crib skirt tutorial:

Fabric - I used a little under 2.5 yards for each crib
Adhesive velcro
Sewing machine & coordinating thread

Makes four individual panels, one for each side of the crib.

Cut fabric to the size you'd like your first panel to be, adding an extra 2" on both sides, 8" on the bottom for a pocket, and 4" at the top (2" for the hem, and 2" to attach to the mattress platform).
Hem 2" on the sides, 2" on the top, and fold up the bottom 8" to create a 4" pocket.  I did a double hem all the way around to make things look a little nicer.  I also slid a few quarters (just what I happened to have handy) in the bottom pocket to weigh the skirt down a little (one of the ghetto-fab elements of this project).

Sew sections of velcro (I used the soft side so it won't grab other things in the wash) along the top of the panel.  I used 5  2" pieces of velcro on the long sides of the crib, and 3  2" pieces on the short sides.  
Attach the other half of the velcro to each strip that is sewed onto the panel.  Now just position the skirt on the mattress platform of the crib so that it just touches the ground.  (You might need an extra set of hands for this step.)  Remove the adhesive backing from the velcro and stick the skirt onto the crib.

Here's the other ghetto-fab part: when you go to attach all four panels, you'll find that they overlap in the corners, and both panels will not be able to attach directly to the platform.  (Duh!  I obviously didn't think ahead on this one.)  So I just safety pinned the two panels together.  I'm sure you could also attach velcro to the top side of one panel and use that to attach the two also.

That's it.  Fairly quick and easy.

What I like about this design: removable, easy to make, the tailored look, the fabric!, and the fact that the fabric was kept in such large pieces that it will be easy to repurpose when the babies outgrow the cribs (pillows, valances, chair covers.....).

What I would change: the way the panels meet at the corners, some fun trim might be nice! 

Overall, I'm pretty happy with these and hope at least that y'all will benefit from my goof-ups!  :)

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Becky said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great idea! I love that it's 4 separate pieces.

Andrew and Meagan said... Best Blogger Tips

whoa, so i didn't see the little "more" link at the bottom of the materials list and thought,"wow, she really meant it when she said this would be a quick tutorial!" ha! anyway, so glad i realized there was more and can't wait to make some for the nursery i'm about to start on! they look great!! :)

Rachel@oneprettything.com said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, those look great! I love how easy this is. I would love to link to this on Sunday if you didn't mind.

lanni @ dandygiveaway.blogspot.com said... Best Blogger Tips

this is so cute! and congrats on your babies -- what a blessing. you always have such great projects :)

lanni (www.dandygiveaway.com)

JHill said... Best Blogger Tips

I just bookmarked this post since I have been looking for an accessible crib ruffle tutorial! Thanks so much!

The Life of the Chous said... Best Blogger Tips

Great Project!!! I can't wait to make one! What is the blue paint color that is one your walls in this crib picture? It's absolutely beautiful! Nice and calming!

Melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for doing all the work that I have been meaning to do! I am making, well started out making the Amy Butler Modern crib bedding set, but with great crafters in Blogland...I have found great tutorials to save my sanity. Especially with my mushy pregnancy brain- I don't think I could follow one of her patterns right now.

Micah said... Best Blogger Tips

great tutorial...I love your cribs by the way. Where ever did you get them?

Britt said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Micah,
I actually found both of them on craigslist at two different times from two different people, but they're the same model. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

Jenni said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, that is great! I wanted to think of a way to make an inexpensive crib skirt. I didn't go for that overpriced crib-in-a bag stuff, but I really feel that a crib skirt is missing, and I am not about to spend 20.00 on a piece of fabric, so this is great. Thank you!!! I can't wait to use this.

M_Squared said... Best Blogger Tips

I had planned to make the "crib skirt recipe" found in my Amy Butler book. However, now that I am days away from delivery, that task seems a bit too harrowing. I think I'll try my hand at your concept!

My Urban Child said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great idea,Thanks for the tutorial i would like to replicate this one.. congrats on your cute babies.

Crib Mattresses

kjbdownie said... Best Blogger Tips

I found your tutorial just by googling, and the very cool thing is that I am making a crib skirt for our adopted son, who has been home with us for just under 2 months. I started reading the tutorial, but realized pretty early on that you had adopted your children, so I left the tutorial to read your story. Tears filled my eyes as I heard your heart, felt your pain, then read of your joy. Our adoption is different, being a domestic adoption of a 15 month old we had for a couple weeks as a newborn (brought him home from the hospital for 2.5 weeks) then the mom decided to parent and took him back. Heartbreaking, devastating, and my husband and I clung to each other and our Father during an extremely difficult year. This past July, just before the boy would turn 1, the mom decided that adoption was the best choice for his future, and we were contacted to see if we were willing to try another placement. An anxious month of waiting through the revocation period, and he was placed with us in August. The adoption may be finalized as early as the end of this month (what a blessing that day will be!). All that to say, thank you for your tutorial, but especially thank you for sharing your story.

Britt said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you so much for sharing! I love hearing from other adoptive parents, and I think it's so cool that your little one will have a crib skirt made with love by his mama, using our tutorial :)
Best wishes for your finalization!

Lisa and Mark said... Best Blogger Tips

so you used adhesive velcro but sewed it on?

Britt said... Best Blogger Tips

I did use adhesive velcro and sewed one side onto the fabric. I stuck the other side onto the crib base board (and stapled for good measure). You could use regular (non-adhesive) velcro and just sew and staple. I happened to have adhesive already, so I used what I had.

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