Yard Sale Finds

A day late -- sorry to anyone who actually checks every Monday to see what I scored over the weekend!  I found.........
Four pieces of milk glass for my collection.....

Four pretty robin's egg blue platters to dress up my Dining Room table.....

Four acrylic side tables.  Two are currently gracing my front entry.....

One is at the foot of my bed.....

And one is perfect inbetween our cribs.  It sits right across from this dresser with acrylic hardware. 
(It now has all its hardware installed.)

I know acrylic is a little far out there for some people, and I realize that it is a passing fad, but right now I'm loving it!  $45 for all four seemed a little steep (for cheap-o me anyway!) but my husband pointed out that the acrylic to make a single table would cost more than that -- he's a pretty good guy. 

In addition to all my sets of four, I also got one long-sought overhead projector for just $5.  (Thanks, mom!)  I have huge plans for it and am already wishing I had had it when I painted this

Overall I'd say it was an amazing weekend for bargains.  Hope y'all had a good one, too!

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Kelsey said... Best Blogger Tips

Omigosh I would DIE if I found those acrylic tables. I would buy them immediately!!!! I love acrylic and lucite. I generally don't decorate with mid century mod style but they ad so much and look so unique and I think they work so well in almost any style. I actually went to drop off some stuff at goodwill the other day and the lady in front of me was taking an amazing lucite retro table out of the back of her car to give to them. I jumped out and asked her if she was gonna give that away and could I have it instead??? She said sure and laughed. I was SO stoked! It pays to ask!! Great finds!!

Remodelaholic said... Best Blogger Tips

I think I need to go garage sale-ing with you. Those acrylic tables are to die for, I LOVE them! Congrats on your awesome finds!

Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, man. I am soooooo jealous over those acrylic tables! What a score!

Embellished Bayou said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my gosh, how did you ever score those tables??? I never see anything so cool and modern (and cheap) at garage sales. Awesome finds this week!

bluehydrangea said... Best Blogger Tips

Four acrylic tables for $45??!! that must be the deal of the century!! Way to go!!

Britt said... Best Blogger Tips

I guess I was a little out of it when I posted this late last night -- I forgot to mention that the tables were a craigslist find, not from a yard sale. I don't want to mislead anyone! Sorry! And thanks for all the nice comments :)

Kelsey - I love your story! I'm normally a little too timid to do anything like that, but if a free lucite table was at stake I probably would have spoken up, too. Great job!

Laura said... Best Blogger Tips

What awesome finds! I found some fun things at garage sales this weekend that I can't wait to show them on my blog.

Laura @ along for the ride

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said... Best Blogger Tips

Green with envy over all the purchases!

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