Sewing for a Good Cause

A blog friend of mine (and sorta real-life friend*), Angie, recently posted about a project that her adoption agency is coordinating to help care for orphans in Ethiopia.  If you can sew and have a little time to spare, please check out the details of the project and consider helping some very deserving girls in a very real way.  I've already enlisted my mom and sister to help me sew and am excited to be part of this worthy project.  It's a very little way to make a huge difference in someone's life!

*Keith and I met Angie and her husband at the Atlanta immigration office when we went to get our fingerprints taken for the adoption.  Angie and Joe have already adopted one precious little boy from Ethiopia and are waiting on a referral for their second.  They are such warm, friendly people and Angie takes such amazing photographs that I quickly became hooked on stalking her blog -- check it out!
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angie said... Best Blogger Tips

hey there!! i am so glad i found you...i am adding you to my reader now!! so excited!

and thank you so much for spreding the world. your help means so very much to me!

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