Some Easter Pretties

I have been collecting some amazing Easter ideas from around the internet and thought I'd share:

 Crepe paper Daffodils - so pretty!  Found here.

One of my favorite Easter ideas: resurrection cookies or Easter story cookies.  A great way to involve kids in the story of Easter and to illustrate the events of Christ's death and resurrection.  Found here. 

Beautiful real eggs decorated with a dremel!  Found here.

 Adorable chicken egg "family"!  Found here.

Custard served in eggshells.  Found here. 

Eggs dyed with Kool-Aid.  No more yucky vinegar smell!  Found here.

Washi tape eggs -- absolutely gorgeous!  Found here.

Grass grown in eggshells.  (A little late for this Easter, but maybe next year?)  Found here. 

 Paper mache eggs.  Found here.
Hope this leaves you feeling as inspired as I am!  Happy Easter!

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