'Tis the Season...

....for ceramic egg trays!  I have been seeing them used as jewelry holders for quite a while now and I love the look, but up until now I have not been able to find a reasonably priced tray.  Last week I was in Hobby Lobby for something completely different, but when I walked past the Easter aisles I caught a glimpse of this:
It was the very last one in the store, and it (along with all of their Easter merchandise) was 50% off.  I snatched it up.
If you've been looking for one forever too, try your local Hobby Lobby, Michael's, maybe even TJ Maxx, etc.  And if you can be patient and wait until after Easter, you'll probably get an even better deal than I did at $3.50.  Happy hunting! 
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Karen said... Best Blogger Tips

That is such a great idea! I may have to run out to my local Michael's and see if they have something similar -- loving the style and the price, especially!

Rebecca @ Piggy Bank Dating said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that idea! I'm going to go at lunch and look for one at my store. Is the 40% off coupon good for clearance/sale items?

Lauren Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

Joanns has them as well!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said... Best Blogger Tips

Great idea!

jayme riley said... Best Blogger Tips

very sad. i just bought one at Anthropologie for 14.00. Not a bad price, but not 3.50 :)

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