Paint Mismatch

A lovely set of stairs (with just one paint color on the walls)

I apologize for the very long back-story -- feel free to skip it and jump ahead to the solution if you want:

{Several months ago my husband and I decided to dream big and add paneling up our stairwell.  We made plans, decided what supplies we needed, sketched it out, painted over the builder beige walls from where the paneling was to be installed on up to the ceilings, and........then decided we were far too busy to undertake this project just yet.  We made a quick trip to Lowe's and had another gallon of the new wall color mixed, then headed back home to paint the lower part of the walls.  Clearly something went terribly, terribly wrong in the mixing of our paint because we ended up with this: 

Two very obviously different shades of gray.  After a minor freak-out, we loaded up all the empty cans of paint and headed back to Lowe's to explain to the store manager what had happened.  She very, very kindly refunded us the cost of all three gallons.  (Don't be afraid to nicely ask for your money back if a retailer messes up!)  
 End back-story.} 

And then we lived with our walls like this for months.  Drove me absolutely crazy every single time I walked upstairs.  Finally this past week I decided to do something about it.  As a temporary solution until we get around to putting in paneling, I decided to use a quart of the bottom color we had gotten correctly color-matched the night we got our refund to paint a straight line going up the stairs.  We would still have two colors, but at least they would look somewhat neat and intentional.
I thought that I could simply measure a specified distance up from the baseboard at intervals along the wall and then use a straight edge to connect the dots.  Wrong.  I ended up with one very crooked line.
Plan B: Use thumb-tacks and a spool of ribbon to create a straight line up the stairs and use it as a guideline to tape.
Worked like a charm. 
Much better!
I plan to eventually add some artwork to the walls to detract attention from the two-tone walls.  Something like this:
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Forget-me-knot studio said... Best Blogger Tips

What shades of gray are you using and brand of paint? We are looking at painting our walls gray but have not had much success. When we have painted them gray it turns a shade of blue thanks to our lath and plaster walls. I am trying to find one that my husband and I can both agree on.

Britt said... Best Blogger Tips

Jenn, both colors were supposed to be "Oatlands subtle taupe" by valspar. I think the darker color is closer to the paint chip. Good luck picking a color - gray is tricky!

Sarah Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

I think it actually looks pretty neat for a simple solution from a pretty bad outcome.

A Happy, Jolly Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the art work idea....tons and tons of black and white photos is so elegant!

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