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I was doing a little poking around at one of my favorite fabric manufacturers and look what I found: 

Love it!  They have it in several different colorways, so I could use it just about anywhere!  
It doesn't look like it's available at online retailers (like fabric.com) yet, so I may have to wait to purchase it so I can use a coupon code.  
If anyone's seen it out there for cheaper or on a site with coupon codes, please let me know!  

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CASABrasi said... Best Blogger Tips


Not sure about coupon codes, but they have this EXACT zig zag for $7.99/yard. Not too shabby, if you ask me.

I love this print too! Thinking about this for my living room couch pillows.

Good luck!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I just saw this fabric this past week. Google Premier Fabrics.

I'm not associated with Premier Fabrics at all. In fact, it was my first visit to their warehouse. Gorgeous things!

Ivy and Haley said... Best Blogger Tips

Don't you think you'd feel like you were living inside an optical illusion? I don't know if I could handle that bold a wallpaper!

Check at our blog! And comment please, we love comments :)


dwellinganddesign said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it, it reminds me of a rubie green fabric that I love so very much.

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