Plastic Shower Curtain Rings & Pom-Poms!

The pom-poms are green, not black.  Turns out it's hard to get a good photo when you're shooting right at an open window.
Picking out the fabric and the pom-poms was easy.  Sewing the panels was easy.  Deciding what to do about hardware -- not so easy.  I love the look of a substantial curtain rod and thick matching curtain rings.  Even at Ikea, though, I was looking at around $20 for the one window.  Ouch!  (I know, I'm cheap.)
Luckily, my mom found an extra closet rod in her basement that she had gotten on clearance at Lowe's for $8.  (My parents' basement is a wonderful place.  Remember we found this there, too?)
For curtain rings I decided regular old plastic shower curtain rings would do.  (12 for $1.25!)  With a little paint, you can't even tell they're plastic.  I sewed little loops of ribbon on the back of the panels so I would have something to snap the rings onto.  Easy, quick & cheap!
Still to do: add finials & brackets (the rod is resting on old, much-too-small brackets) and get blinds or sheers to hide the really off-white color of the windows.  (I painted all of the trim in this room white and so the off-white windows really stand out!)

Thank goodness we have a three day weekend coming up!  
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Heather said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great idea to use a shower curtain rod! Now why didn't I think of that? I can't wait to see the big reveal of the whole room!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said... Best Blogger Tips

You fooled me~ I couldn't tell that you used shower accessories at all!! Great tip :).

Rebekah said... Best Blogger Tips

There is no shame in being cheap when it comes to window hardware. I bought a great pair of rods with classy finials at Goodwill for $8, or something ridiculous. CUTE curtains. A little pom-pom never hurt anyone. :)

AnNicole@Our Suburban Cottage said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the curtains! Those pom poms are such a great touch. I've used them as tie backs on the curtains in my dining room and I love that extra splash of whimsy.

Pam said... Best Blogger Tips

Painted shower rings- that's genius! Looks great!

Its So Very Cheri said... Best Blogger Tips

They look great. ILove the tassels.

Come by I have a give-a-way going on and pthers coing up soon.


Amanda @ Serenity Now said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely, Britt!!! The fabric is gorgeous. :) I tried to take a photo of the cutesy banner in my kitchen this morning (my 2 year old had her bday party today) and they would NOT turn out. Darn sunlight. ;)

Megs said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the fabric. Love it! Would you mind sharing where you purchased it? I looked through your older posts but didn't see a mention. Thanks!

Kacey said... Best Blogger Tips

So creative! The fabric is so bright and happy - and I would have never thought to paint shower curtain rings!

Aimee Cotton Bogush said... Best Blogger Tips

Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your great idea :-)

Kerry said... Best Blogger Tips

You were on Nesters blog!!! Her blog is my favorite! I can't wait to see your finished nursery. I am so excited for you guys and your adoption. Did Brooke tell you one of my best friends is your neighbor?! I'll have to see your house in person when I come visit her new house

megitys said... Best Blogger Tips

I want to know where you got the fabric too. Is it yellow?? It looks like it on my screen and I love it!

CH said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the fabric! Can you share where you found it? Thanks!

daylilylane said... Best Blogger Tips

How did you sew ribbons on the back without the curtains flopping out or puckering at the top when you attached the rings? Pictures pretty please?

Britt said... Best Blogger Tips

Kerry, Thanks for letting me know! It's really exciting to find out that a blogger as big as nester even checks my blog :) Brooke did tell me that. They are one of the few families on the street that we haven't met yet, so it's nice to find out a little bit about them. What a crazy coincidence! Maybe when the weather gets a little warmer we'll catch them outside sometime. You are definitely welcome to stop by if you're ever down this way! We're the beige house with the red shutters.

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