Nursery Fabric Revisited

I have gotten tons of emails from readers asking where I got the fabric that I am using for the curtains in our nursery.  Usually when I get questions emailed to me I try to respond to everyone individually (even if it takes me forever to get to all the emails- sorry!), but this time I will just post the information about the fabric again and hope that everyone who wanted to know about it sees this!

It is "Madison" by Premier Prints and the color is "Sun".

They do offer the pattern in different colors, and they also have the exact pattern in a larger scale (check here and here).

I ordered directly through Premier Prints, but you can also find their fabrics through online retailers like fabric.com and warehouse fabrics.  (Sometimes it's cheaper through Premier Prints, sometimes through other retailers - you just have to shop around.  And remember to search for coupon codes before ordering!)
I have used Premier Prints fabrics for several projects around my house (like this, this, this & this) and I really like them for their great patterns and decent prices.  Hopefully that answers everyone's questions! 

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The DIY Show Off said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the fabric. The nursery colors are gorgeous! It's going to be beautiful - as usual! :)

Shannon @ The House Creative said... Best Blogger Tips

such a beautiful color, and not something you see everyday in a nursery. I love that! Very cheery and bright!

CH said... Best Blogger Tips

I love it- thanks!

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful! And I LOVE the paint color on the walls, too :)

Emily A. Clark said... Best Blogger Tips

So pretty & fresh. Thanks for sharing.

KELSEY C. said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE the curtains. Yellow is the new black. OR should I say the new turquoise?

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