My first DIY

I am all about saving money. I believe that a little ingenuity, research, and elbow grease will go a long way. I am always looking for ways to creatively save money. Case in point: my very first DIY project as a newlywed, recovering some hand-me-down dining room chairs.

My wonderful husband and I had barely returned from o
ur honeymoon and moved into our new house when he announced that he had invited a group of his friends over for dinner the following night. (This may or may not have resulted in our first argument as a married couple!) After panicking and assessing the situation - a house full of hand-me-down furniture and no money in the budget for anything new - I got to work.

We were given a set of dining chairs as a gift from an old neighbor. Very sweet and much appreciated, but not my style and a little shabby:

I knew I had seen great upholstered dining
chairs with a similar camel back like this one from Restoration Hardware:
And I wondered if by some miracle I could transform our dining chairs into something similar in the next 24 hours. A quick trip to the fabric store and $18 later ($3/yd. upholstery fabric!) I dove in. I don't think at that point I had ever really sewn, but my mom had given me a sewing machine and shown me the basics of operating it. I definitely had never recovered furniture before, but how hard could it be?

I basically ended up sewing a tight slipcover for the chair backs and then pulling the fabric under the sides and stapling it tight. For the seats I just cut a square larger than the seat, pulled it under the frame and stapled. Definitely not a quality job, but for $18 plus some staples, I felt like the chairs were presentable.

Never mind that there were no curtains and absolutely nothing hanging on the walls yet!

Those chairs lasted us for a good two years, not bad for $18!