Kitchen Remodel Part I

This was the kitchen in our very first house when we moved in:

(Pictured with the refrigerator we purchased. Sorry for the mess!)

The cabinets were original to the 1930's house and were less than functional. There was about a foot of counter space. There were only cabinets on one tiny wall, and half of them were too high to reach. The stove was in a very awkward place. Anytime you opened the back door it swung into the stove.

There were about 2 outlets in the whole room. (Notice the phone cord stretched in front of the pantry door in the photo above.)
The appliances were from the 1970's (the refrigerator we inherited with the house was golden yellow), as were the laminate floors (which we found out were layered on top of 6 other laminates, all the way back to the original 1930's laminate).

There was no room for a dishwasher, the refrigerator stuck way out into the tiny room, and the "breakfast area" was so tiny it was useless. There was wallpaper everywhere, including the ceiling, and a wall of tile (why?!?!).

So, with a lot of elbow grease, some help from friends and family, a little maneuvering, and a tight budget, we ended up with this:
It looks like we still needed to add the base molding and vent covers in this photo, but you get the idea.

I will post more photos of the "after" soon, along with the details of the remodel, and how we saved money and stayed on budget!


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Wow, the kitchen looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

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