DIY Chandelier Tutorial

As promised, here's the step-by-step directions for this chandelier.
You will need:
1 lamp base
1 drum shade
1 light socket splitter
1 set of chandelier loops (don't know the technical name for these, but they're used to attach a chandelier to a chain.)
Wire cutters
Silver spray paint
Chain to hang the chandelier
Pair of pliers

The first thing you want to do is cut the plug off. This is so that the chandelier can be wired, and so that you can slide things on and off the cord.

Next, you want to loosen the bolt on the very bottom of the chandelier that is holding everything together. (You may want to try loosening this bolt in the store before you buy a particular lamp. One of mine was very easy to get off and the other was a pain!)

Now slide everything off the center bar and wire. You should have something like this:

Now you want to start reassembling the light. The shade goes first, then the glass balls. I wanted the largest ball at the bottom next to the shade and the smallest at the top, but you could do it the opposite way, too.

Now you want to slide one of the loops on. I could only find these in gold, so I spray painted them silver to match the rest of the light. You should have a little bit of the center bar sticking out above the top ball. The loop will thread onto the end of the bar. Then pry a link of the chain open and attach it to the loop.

The other loop will go at the top of the chain and will screw onto the hollow mounting bolt that's part of the mounting assembly.

I saved the base of the lamp and to use it to cover the hole in the ceiling where the mounting bracket and wires are. Because it's clear, I traced the base onto a sheet of white office paper and cut it out. You'll have to punch a hole in the middle for the hollow mounting bolt to go through.

We chose to use a socket converter so that the light would have 2 light bulbs instead of just 1. All you have to do is screw it into the socket on the lamp and you're done.

As a finishing touch, you may want to add a piece of frosted plexi-glass to the bottom of the drum shade so you can't see up inside of it. We found a plastic ceiling light tile for a dropped ceiling and cut a circle the size of the shade out of it. It just rests on the lip inside the shade.

Then you're ready to hang the light! I can't help you here, since my husband did this part of it, but here's a site with directions for installing lighting fixtures.

So for around $35, you can have a knock-off of a $350 Horchow light.


Kim said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, clever girl. Thanks for sharing. I just might have to try this.

Hirondelle Rustique said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this idea! It looks fantastic!

wifeplzak said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this! Where did you get the lamp from?

Britt said... Best Blogger Tips

The lamp was from Target. I know I've seen similar ones at Hobby Lobby and Walmart, though. Thanks!

Amy {The Red Chair Blog} said... Best Blogger Tips

Great tutorial! Your fixture looks fabulous.

sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this!!

Jaime @ A Place Out West said... Best Blogger Tips

Amazing! I love it. I've had my eye on a drum shade pendant light for a while; now you have me thinking about trying to make my own!

Becky said... Best Blogger Tips

Really awesome. I love this so much. I just have to find the perfect lamp to do the switcheroo. Thanks so much for the great tutorial. You make is easy!!

Victoria said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous!!! I am totally amazed! Love it and plan to follow suite.

I am also an Atlanta girl...so nice to have found your blog via ASPTL.

Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this!! Awesome idea!

Gloria said... Best Blogger Tips

This is really awesome! I LOVE the idea and will be trying it myself...TJMaxx here I come for a great lamp!

Emily said... Best Blogger Tips

Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its So Very Cheri said... Best Blogger Tips

You NEED to come post this Monday at my KNOCK OFF KNOCK OUT party.

This looks so amazing.

This is my first time to your blog but I will be back.

Come visit me.


Its So Very Cheri

Torie Jayne said... Best Blogger Tips

Fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing in such clear detail ! x

Mrs. Limestone said... Best Blogger Tips

Great idea!

Ⓙaη @ ฿◎ßßƴ℘ḯη❝﹩ ℬ◎aґdẘαʟк ツ said... Best Blogger Tips

WHO ARE YOU????? You are like a penny-pichin' decorator's dream. I must do this. I wish I could find a lamp just like the one you are showing here. Did you already have it or did you buy it? I'm in shock now...must get air. I wish you would post this at my boardwalk bragfest. Although I plan on bragging about you and following you anyway!!!

Mama Holli said... Best Blogger Tips

This is great!!! Nice work indeed! You are a talented mama!
Mama Holli

anneoverbeek.blogspot.com said... Best Blogger Tips

Fabulous idea! I have been looking for something like this and now I can end my search! So happy to have "landed" on your blog! I will be back for more!!

Beachchica said... Best Blogger Tips

I tried this project and I am so excited to get this chandelier hung, but I think I accidently got one of the lamps from target that is a pain to get the nut off the bottom....any suggestions? I am kind of stumped.

Ⓙaη @ ฿◎ßßƴ℘ḯη❝﹩ ℬ◎aґdẘαʟк ツ said... Best Blogger Tips

I continue to sing your praises for this project and have been on the lookout for a similar lamp. I've now posted this project on my Boardwalk Blotter with a direct link back to your instructions, so don't ever take this off, okay? I depend on it (at least until I get mine made).

Condo Blues said... Best Blogger Tips

Brilliant! I love less expensive inspired-by versions.

Crys said... Best Blogger Tips

I was just searching the fabulous web for Ideas for a Chandelier and although this isn't what I was after I do love it. Maybe someday for our bedroom :)

this blessed nest said... Best Blogger Tips

you have no idea how i've been searching for a tutorial for a "vision" i have. (do you see the lightbulb over my head...;) this is brilliant.

thank you thank you thank you!!!!

i think i can i think i can.

p.s. love the zig zag background!
now following.

Sawdust and Paperscraps said... Best Blogger Tips

This one is awesome too. I've been thinking about using a lamp and creating a chandelier but wasn't quite sure about it. Now I know it can be done! You are amazing!

Krystal's Kreations said... Best Blogger Tips

I love it!! Great job. I want one now. =)

twototsintow said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your blog! And I found it by accident looking for this sort of drum shaded pendant lighting! I'm going to attempt something similar! And I've bookmarked you! PS Love that you dove into painting the kitchen. We would like to do the same in the near future!

Jenny Nicole said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm in love! Great job!

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