I just added a couple of new growth charts to the shop, including this colorful swan. I had so much fun designing these, I hope y'all will enjoy them too! Right now through Christmas I'm offering 20% off your entire purchase with coupon code JOY20. Our growth charts make wonderful gifts, and as always, 50% of profits go straight to program care and prevention. #shopsmall #giveback #buyhandmade #orphancare #orphanprevention #etsy

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This girl has incredible determination, and in eight short weeks has learned to ride a bike, rollerblade, play the piano a bit, and (almost) swim without a float. All while learning a new language, new family, new food, new school, new everything. I've decided Ephesians 3:20-21 is our verse, as it describes God's great grace to all of us in this tough (but totally worth it) time, and our hope that Yasmin will glorify him with her life. "Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen." #byhisgrace #forhisglory #adoptionrocks

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The kids are back in school after a weeklong break 🎉🎉🎉 #currentmood

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Oh goodness. #thatsmilethough

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Happy birthday to my beautiful seven year old! We love you, Gigi!

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More sweetness in the midst of the struggle. This photo was Yasmin's idea, and captures just a bit of our crazy. 💕 #ilovethese #adoptionrocks

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Yasmin is doing amazingly well. She is the sweetest with little ones, and all of her brothers and sisters adore her, but these two are something special. It makes my heart so happy. I keep thanking God again and again for bringing her into our family. #adoptionrocks #ethiopiaadoption

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Together at home at last! Praise the Lord! #adoptionrocks #ethiopiaadoption

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We're coming HOME! I'm beside myself and can hardly believe it. God is so good! And to make things even sweeter, today is Yasmin's birthday! #adoptionrocks #ethiopiaadoption

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I am headed (once again!) to Ethiopia. This time to bring Yasmin home with me. Her US visa has been printed, and we plan to be home by Thursday afternoon. Please pray for me as I travel alone, for no further problems or delays in the adoption, and for Yasmin as she is about to have her world turned upside down. I am so thankful for everyone who has helped us along this journey, for all the prayers said on our behalf, and for God's goodness to us through it all. But y'all, I am ready to be done with this and to have our family all together on the same continent! #letsgetitdone #adoptionrocks #ethiopiaadoption

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Finally finished and ready for our Yasmin to come HOME. We are hoping and praying she'll be here next week and nesting like crazy in the meantime. Please, please pray for negative TB test results, for no more complications, and for her to be home with us forever and for good next week! #ethiopiaadoption #adoptionrocks #yasmincomehome

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We celebrated one year of joy with this sweet girl tonight. She is truly a delight, an easy baby who tolerates being toted along just about anywhere and being smothered with love by her big siblings (and mama and daddy, too). None of us can get enough of her bright smile, big kisses, and chubby little legs. We love you, sweet Magnolia Kate!

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Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for Yasmin! She has been discharged from the hospital and is doing well. Just got this photo today from a sweet friend of her playing in HAIL! In July! Can't wait to get her home, please keep praying!

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We've been home from Ethiopia for a week now, and again, I'm still processing all that happened. We were unable to get clearance for Yasmin to travel home with us, and facing a seven week wait, we had no choice but to come back home to work and little ones. So our family is fractured still. This adoption has been such a battle, and we are feeling war weary. If not for our good friends and family praying and fighting alongside us, and God sustaining us, we may have given in to despair. We are so thankful for all who have supported and prayed and kept our kids (Ami and Popo!) and contacted senators and the CDC on our behalf. You have encouraged us more than you know. Please keep praying now, as we have received news that Yasmin is in the hospital. We are waiting on more information on her condition, and praying that it isn't serious, but we covet your prayers. Please pray for healing, comfort, and peace for her, and that she will be able to come home to us soon.

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Please pray with us today. We are hoping to hear today if we will be able to bring Yasmin home or if we will have to leave her behind for another 7 weeks. Please pray that the right people will review our case and will be gracious. Pray that we will be able to fly home tomorrow and be together as a family. Pray for comfort for Yasmin as she will face scary unknowns either way. Pray that God will be glorified in this situation and in our reactions to it. #ethiopiaadoption

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Please pray y'all. We passed court and have custody of Yasmin, but are now being told we have to do a tb culture that takes 4-8 weeks. We came here expecting this to be a 1-2 week trip, and with little ones at home, need for new meds in the US for Yasmin, and work obligations, we just can't make 2 months work. Please pray that we will be able to do a much faster (1-3 day) DNA test so we can finally be home together as a family!

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Trying out my childhood fav #kinderegg #deutschland #halfwaythere

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Here we go (again). Praying we'll be able to bring our girl HOME this trip. #ethiopiaadoption #adoptionrocks

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We've been home from Ethiopia since late Wednesday, but we haven't fully processed everything yet. While we had hoped to bring our daughter home with us, we instead left Ethiopia without passing court, the very reason for our trip. We were stunned, sad, and angry when we heard the news, and to be truthful, we still are a bit. But we are hoping in the One who is sovereign and good, even when it seems that injustice and evil are winning. We are hoping in His good plans for us and our daughter, and are praying that she will be comforted while we're apart, that she'll be kept safe and healthy, and that she'll be home with us soon.

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We met our daughter today! We saw her from a distance and she ran to us and gave us all big hugs. I saw her and the tears came and I frantically told Keith "oh no, my ugly cry is the first thing she's going to see!". 😂. She is so very sweet, confident, and happy. We go to court Monday and will finally be able to share photos of her sweet face. Still praying for a miracle so that we'll be able to bring her home this trip!

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