Somehow my tiny newborn is two months old. Missing those sweet first days, but soaking up her amazing SMILES! #youmakemehappy #8weeks

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Hi, friends! I will be hosting an adoption auction for a sweet family from our church Nov. 15-17. There are some amazing donations from some very talented (and generous!) makers. Please follow along @linvilleadoptionauction, get a little Christmas shopping done, and help this family to recover some of their adoption funds after a heartbreaking loss. You can read about the Linvilles and their adoption journey, and start watching for items up for bids @linvilleadoptionauction. #adoption #adoptionislove #adopt #adoptionevent #adoptionauction #adoptionrocks #donations #foradoption #givingback #createmakeshare #adoptionauction #auction #instagramsale #shopforacause #igsale

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Cutest SIX year old you ever saw. Happy, happy birthday my Gus! #thoseeyes

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A few more shots of the farmhouse. 💕

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The farmhouse

My parents' farmhouse renovation is finally complete, and they are moving in!  I got a chance to walk through last week and took a quick video of the almost-complete house.  I was going to trim it up and edit it a bit, but my time (and my arms) have been full lately!  So for your viewing pleasure, a very amateur, wobbly video walk-through in which I sometimes forget that you can't turn the phone sideways while filming :)  

Despite the shaky video, I felt that this place was just too special not to share.  The original house (the front living room and master bedroom as well as the upstairs) was built in the 1850s.  It had been added onto over the years, and the whole house was in pretty rough shape.  My parents were able to save the original portion of the house, but everything else was torn off and replaced.
They matched the shiplap walls and ceilings from the original house, and added character in many details throughout: the doors, baseboards, lighting, countertops....  They were also able to save some of the original character - the front door (with the adorable doorbell!), the upstairs floors, etc.
The property is such a peaceful, unique place, and I'm so glad my parents will be able to enjoy it now from their new old home.    
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She is a wild one, our little whirlwind. But with babies she is gentle and motherly and compassionate. And can you see the love on her face? Melts my heart.

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Sweet Nolie Kate in the dress we bought the day we found out she was a she. Tiny cuffs and plaid and the teeniest pocket you've ever seen 💕

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Book fair flyers came home with them today and they haven't put them down yet. I love that they love books 📚

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I love them so.

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Went today to check out my parents' farm house renovation. White shiplap on walls and ceilings, 10" baseboards, 5 panel doors, gorgeous tile and light fixtures... You really can't tell where the original 1850s house ends and the new addition begins. Can't wait to see it completed in about 10 days! #newoldhouse #shiplapeverywhere

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Magnolia Kate 8.19.16 7 pounds, 19.5 inches. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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First day of kindergarten and pre-k 2. Besides being a little teary at how BIG they all are, I'm thankful baby waited so I could be here for their first day. Now I'm (impatiently) waiting for her arrival. #firstdayofschool #8moredaystilbaby

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It's the last full week of summer before school starts, it's HOT out, mama's almost 38 weeks pregnant, Hammie is potty training, and the Olympics are on. So we're camped out in the living room with the TV, a picnic lunch, and a baby potty and skittles. #yougottadowhatyougottado

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Spending some sweet time with the big cousins.

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Starting to bust out of my maternity suit ☺️. #35weeks #andsoready

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We're on zulily today and tomorrow with sweet savings on art prints and growth charts! Link in profile.

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So thankful for this man and the selfless way he loves, serves, and leads us.  He is truly my best friend and partner, and a better daddy than I could have imagined.  Happy birthday, Honey!

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My sweet husband just gifted me with the best birthday/anniversary/new baby/Christmas/mother's day present ever. We still have to finish adding hardware, and I'm planning to paint the back door and the inside of the two open cabinets a pretty color, but I am loving how it turned out!

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My sweet husband finished this (not-so-easy-after-all) vanity project over the weekend. He is truly one of the most patient, servant-hearted men, and he also happens to be good at plumbing and woodworking. #ipickedawinner #thenestingisoutofcontrol #thankshoney

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Just an enlarged photo of my girl (straight from the phone), but it makes me so happy 😊

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